Music Academy FORTE 2023

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Music Academy FORTE

COMPETITION Music Academy FORTE 2023 🎻🏆

DEADLINE: 15th May!

Try your luck and win amazing prizes: Grant for participation to the masterclasses FORTE, Participation an the MUSICORUM festival 2023/2024, Participation in the orchestra “La Chapelle Sauvage”, Participation in several concerts of Camerata BRIMA, participation in the GALA concert of the Summer Music Academy FORTE 2023, Participation in a set of concerts organised by Royal Library of Belgium (Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België)…

ONE TOUR COMPETITION “Music Academy FORTE” is open to young musicians from all around the world: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar.

👉Application deadline is 1st of May

Competition ill take place 8th July!

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